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Conquering Hot Spots in your Art Room

What is a hot spot, you ask? It’s a place in your room that quickly fills with clutter throughout the day. Come 3pm, it’s jam packed with overflowing items begging to be put back where they belong.

Maybe your hotspot is the end of your desk; by day’s end it’s filled with lesson samples and extra supplies. Perhaps it’s your document camera cart that feels the wrath after the students leave, as you notice it’s full of all the tools you never put away.

Not only are messy hotspots an eyesore, they can cause you to lose things. My remotes were always buried under a pile of papers by the end of the day. To correct the issue, I used a simple little plastic bin on the side of the cart. Easy!
Your ability to clear your hot spots daily will impact your everyday habits, routines and morale in the art room.

If you let your hot spots build up, you could be in for hours of cleaning and organizing. No one has time for that!

Make it a priority to do a clean sweep of your most visible and common hot spots throughout the day, and you’ll save yourself time in the long run! You’ll thank yourself as you waltz out the door of a less-cluttered art room at the end of the week!

What are the hotspots in your room?

How do you keep them under control? 


Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.