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Meet Your New Favorite Book Series!

Meet the Artist
Do you also love to use stories and children’s books in your art room? Well, I have some news for you! Did you know there is a new set of art books that includes interactive elements like pop-ups, cut-outs, and paper dolls? It’s true! The Meet the Artist! books by Patricia Geis are excellent resources for your classroom. I recently got the chance to speak to Patricia, who told me all about them.

Patricia does extensive research so that she can summarize and communicate the essence of each artist with the reader. She said she got the inspiration to write the books from wanting her own children to love, discover, and enjoy art.
I love her mission for writing:

“Art is a game and each artist has their own set of rules. To play, we need to know these rules so that we can use them and change them. I hope the Meet the Artist! books inspire kids not only to appreciate art but to become a part of it and to create!”
These books would make a great addition to any art room at any grade level. Students young and old will appreciate the interactive aspects. With younger kids, you may want to hold the book to keep the fun elements intact. Older students could peruse them at their leisure!
To get you thinking about how you could use the books in your classroom, here are some lesson ideas from our AOE collection, Pinterest, and some inspiring bloggers!

Meet the Artist! Alexander Calder

–       Contour Self-Portraits

–       Collaborative Wire Mobiles

–       Blind Contour Bobble Head Drawings

–       Cut Paper Circus (could work with Matisse too!)

–       Calder Inspired Sculptures

Meet the Artist! Henri Matisse

–       Symmetrical Paper Masks

–       Matisse Underwater Collage

–       Foolproof Positive-Negative Designs

–       Matisse Egg

–       Marvelous Matisse Cut Outs

Meet the Artist! Pablo Picasso

–       Warm and Cool Picasso

–       Picasso Pop Can Portraits

–       Blue Guitar Painting

–       Kindergarten Picasso Guitars

–       Polymer Clay Faces (compare with Kimmy Cantrell!)

Ideas that Work with All Three Books

–       Artist Treehouses

–       Living Art Museum

–       Art History Kites

–       An Art History Carnival!

–       Ideas for utilizing even more art history!


See? There are just so many possibilities! I will admit that I am a little protective of these books in my elementary art room. They are not stored in my regular classroom library. I only get them out for special occasions or center rotations since they’re such a novelty! But don’t let this deter you! They are full of so much great information, your students won’t be able to help but learn as they read and play!

In addition, Patricia let me in on a little secret–Meet the Artist! Vincent van Gogh is due in September 2015!

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What lessons would you pair with these books?

What are your favorite books about artists?


Alecia Eggers Kaczmarek


Alecia is an elementary art teacher in central Iowa who is passionate about teaching and reaching her students with an innovative and meaningful arts education.