How to Choose the Right Drawing Pencil and Paper Every Time

If you’ve ever ordered supplies, you’ve likely been overwhelmed by all of the available paper and pencil options. Who knew ordering your simplest supplies could be such a chore?

Here at AOE, we’re beyond thankful for all of our readers and love to make things easier for you. So today, we have two handy reference guides to make choosing pencils and paper a breeze. Next time you find yourself planning a portrait lesson or wanting a drawing paper that can also handle wet media, reach for these helpful handouts!

Choosing the Right Drawing Pencil

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Choosing the Right Drawing Paper

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Do you have favorite brands of pencils and papers you swear by?

What is the trickiest thing about ordering drawing supplies?

Tracy Hare

Learning Team

Tracy is a middle school art teacher from central MN who strives to create rich, meaningful content and resources through her Art Ed PRO Director role at AOE.


  • I started buying 5H pencils for my students because I have been trying to get them accustomed to sketching and not pressing hard. They are K-3, and I introduce the sketching idea to my First Graders and increase my expectations for my Third Graders. We’ll see how my experiment goes. Some students, regardless of my encouragements to press more lightly, still insist on holding their pencil like they are writing. But, I consider it a work in progress. They are very young. If nothing else, it is important for them to hear the terms and see the different applications. Thanks for the article!

  • Amanda Stuart

    Thank you for the great resources. The first resource will not download. Any help? Thanks

    • Alecia Eggers

      Thanks for letting us know Amanda! We’ll look into it and get back to you!

    • Hi Amanda- the download should be working now. Thanks so much for bringing it to our attention!