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Download All 5 #whatsyourart Posters Now!

A while back, we released some inspirational images with a simple idea: art is all around us.

Although some think being an artist means you have to paint, draw or sculpt, an artist is actually anyone who does ordinary things in extraordinary ways.

all whatsyourart posters

Art is about more than paintings and statues. Art is about creativity and excellence. It’s about going above and beyond whatever you’re doing simply because you’re passionate about it.

The world needs more art and artists – not less!

As teachers, it’s our job to help our students find the value of creation, creativity, and passion in their own lives. It’s our job to help our students discover their own art!

When we originally released these images, they were not available for download. I’m happy to report that we’ve updated these into 8.5 x 11 PDFs! Feel free to download, print, and distribute as many copies as you wish!

Click on the images or the buttons below to get your copies. Or, click here to download the whole set.

anyone can teach a class

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anyone can sing a song

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anyone can cook

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anyone can write a speech

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anyone can build a house

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Tell us, what’s YOUR art? 

How do you inspire your students to find their true passions?

Amanda Heyn is the Director of K-12 Professional Development at The Art of Education. She enjoys helping to create relevant, engaging PD just for art teachers.