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Introducing Art Ed PRO

As educators, we value personalized learning for our students. We differentiate based upon interests, skill level, and motivation. When it comes to our own learning, however, personalization is hard to find. Until now!

Introducing Art Ed PRO – the essential subscription for professional art teachers!

We know it will change how art teachers learn, and we think you’re going to love it!

What is PRO?

Art Ed PRO is an on-demand learning library filled with trainings called “Learning Packs.” When you complete Learning Packs, you can earn hours or CEUs – all on your own time! Watch and re-watch the video tutorials. Download and print the amazing resources. Participate in the discussion and share ideas, lessons, and questions with other PRO subscribers from around the world.

What is a Learning Pack?

Each Learning Pack covers a very specific topic in art ed through engaging video tutorials and premium printable resources. Topics are covered creatively, comprehensively, and, most importantly, in a way that’s relevant to what you do in the classroom. After you complete a Learning Pack, you can take a short quiz to earn hours or CEUs.

screenshot of Learning Pack

Think of the PRO Library of Learning Packs as a “one stop shop” for the most important topics in art education. Everything is right there for you, all in one easy-to-access place. Whether you’re interested in classroom management, studio techniques, assessment, curriculum, or anything else, you’ll find the perfect Learning Packs for you.

Plus, it doesn’t matter if you are a veteran art teacher or a first-year art teacher, there are Learning Packs to meet your professional needs at any stage!

screenshot of PRO Learning Packs

Here are just a few of the many Learning Packs you can dive into when you become a member of PRO:

What’s more, the PRO Library of Learning Packs is ever growing! 3 brand-new packs will be released each month. But you don’t have to wait; the PRO Library is already FULL of amazing Learning Packs that are ready to dive into right now!

See the Entire PRO Library!

What Kind of Resources are Included?

In addition to the personalized video tutorials, you will receive corresponding resources that you can download, print, and use directly in your classroom right away. Gone are the days of searching Pinterest only to find a “dead end” or feeling underwhelmed with an expensive package from Teachers Pay Teachers. PRO has you covered.

resource examples

How Do I Earn Hours?

Most teachers are required to participate in professional development and log hours, either outside of or inside of the school setting. PRO works for both! Once you’ve completed a Learning Pack, you can take a short quiz to unlock your certificate. Then, simply hand it in to your administration. It’s that easy!

PRO is the only self-paced, personalized learning tool designed exclusively for art educators. Whether you need to log three hours or three hundred hours, PRO makes it easy and fun to earn while you learn!

Can PRO Work for PD Within my School?

Yes! Say goodbye to sitting in boring PD meetings trying to “make a connection.” Now, you can design your own custom PD for your art team. Just ask your administrator to purchase PRO for your art team via PRO for Schools. That way, you can create your own custom PD plan for yourself and your colleagues!

pro for teachers and pro for schools

There is something in PRO for everyone, no matter how much experience they have or what grade levels they teach. You can work through Learning Packs together or pick and choose according to your individual interests. Either way, your art team will become even stronger!

What is the Investment?

Get full on-demand access to the entire PRO Library, plus three (3) new Learning Packs added each month and unlimited PD hours for only $29.99 per month! Or, buy an annual subscription for $299.90 and get 12 months for the price of 10!

Can I Try Before I Buy?

Absolutely! Our gift to you is one free Learning Pack of your choosing. You can start your free trial right now – no strings attached. Enjoy – and let us know what you think!

Start Your Free Trial Now!

Tell us, which Learning Packs interest you most?

What questions do you have about Art Ed PRO?

Jessica Balsley is the Founder and President at AOE. She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development.