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Who Is a Master’s Student at The Art of Education University?

We are excited to announce that since the release of the master’s degree at The Art of Education University in January 2019, we now have over 300 active students enrolled in the program! To celebrate our students, we wanted to share a little bit more about them. So, who is a master’s student at AOEU? Well, we asked them to take a short survey and tell us a little bit about themselves, along with how they feel about the program so far. We found their feedback to be very insightful and wanted to share with the art education community-at-large.

See the most interesting details below, along with a comprehensive view available to download below.

8 Things You Should Know About AOEU Master’s Students

AOEU students are experienced.

    • 39% of students have been teaching 7-15 years, 30% for 3-7 years, and 27% for more than 15 years.

AOEU students are well-rounded.

    • 36% are in elementary (PK-5) settings; 33% are in middle (6-8), and 30% are secondary (9-12).

AOEU students are using what they learn.

    • 86% directly apply what they learn to the classroom.

AOEU students are practical.

    • 47% chose AOEU for the program’s flexibility and accessibility, 12% for its affordability, and 12% for its course selection and practicality.

AOEU students know their worth.

    • 43% are pursuing the program for salary advancement; 29% plan to return their investment in 3-4 years, and 46% are individually funding their studies.

AOEU students have lives outside of their classrooms.

    • 79% have spouses/partners; 64% are parents, and 64% support family and friends.

AOEU students are positive and realistic.

    • 47% say the biggest reward of the program is the practical ideas for their teaching, and 53% say time management is the biggest challenge.

AOEU students are efficient.

    • 71% plan to graduate in 2 years and 19% in 3-4 years.

Use this download to quickly reference who AOEU students are.

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Want to know more about being a student at AOEU? Would you like to join the 300 (and growing!) students in the program? We are ready to talk to you.

What surprises you about these eight facts? 

What else do you think is important to know about AOEU students? 

Megan Dehner is the Senior Editor of the Magazine and a FLEX Curriculum Content Lead at AOEU. With experience at all learning levels, she is passionate about the practice of creativity regardless of any talent or barrier.