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7 Choose Your Own Adventure Activities to Download Right Now

It’s easy to see; students don’t work at the same pace in the art room. Most classes have students who naturally work faster, and others who work slower. It can be difficult for teachers to plan content for management and instructional purposes, depending on their students’ workflow. In situations like this, we might find ourselves giving our students “busy work” to complete just to keep them occupied.

While some of these activities are fun and meaningful, are they maximizing our early finishers’ full potential?

There will always be students who will challenge themselves when given the option to “Free Draw,” while others won’t. So, how can we ensure we are challenging our students in a meaningful and effective way? One solution is a structured choice. Because some students might feel overwhelmed with the option to create whatever they want, they might find themselves lost in the ideation process. Implementing a structured choice process that uses constraints can help students generate ideas in a less intimidating way.


One way to implement a structured choice experience is with “Choose Your Adventure” activities. Here, you will find 7 Choose Your Own Art Adventure resources to use in your classroom.

Download all of them. 

1. Choose Your Own Adventure: Watercolor

Download Now!


2. Choose Your Own Adventure: Drawing (Graphite Drawing Pencils)

Download Now!

3. Choose Your Own Adventure: Drawing (Colored Pencils)

Download Now!

4. Choose Your Own Adventure: Oil Pastels

Download Now!

5. Choose Your Own Adventure: Acrylic

Download Now!

6. Choose Your Own Adventure: Sculpture

Download Now!

7. Choose Your Own Adventure: Ceramics

Download Now!

Download them all!

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Art teachers will always have to balance the speed of workflow for their students. They are individuals with their own abilities and passions, after all. Having activities and downloads handy will benefit your own approach to planning and finishing units and inspire your students.

What is your “go-to” strategy for early finishers?
What kinds of activities most inspire your students?
How can a Choose Your Own Adventure activity offer creativity, choice, and a connection to the National Core Art Standards?

Abby is a middle school art teacher in Omaha, NE. She focuses on creating meaningful experiences for her students through technology integration, innovation, and creativity.