Avery Maxwell

Sales Development Representative

After almost 10 years in the art classroom, I was looking for a change of scenery. My passion is people—I love talking to people, learning about them, sharing stories, and collaborating. My job in Sales Development here at The Art of Education University allows me to share the amazing AOEU resources I used in my own classroom with art educators everywhere. I’ve known and loved The Art of Education since its earliest days back in 2011. Art is such an imperative part of the educational puzzle, and being able to promote the legitimization and importance of quality art curriculum and PD that actually applies to art teachers is incredibly fulfilling for me.

I’m a lover of education in all its forms and possess a Master of Fine Arts in painting, a Bachelor of Science in education, and a Bachelor of Arts in art with an emphasis in ceramics.

On the personal side of things, I’m married to my amazing husband, Alex. We have four young daughters who keep us on our toes, laughing, and going in every direction each and every day.

I love drawing, painting, cooking, and traveling, but at my core, I am truly a person who is happy just being with her people and sharing life’s experiences with them.