Jackie Myers


Hi y’all, I’m Jackie Myers. I am an Oklahoma City-based artist and art educator, where I have taught upper elementary art since 2012. I found my way to AOEU through their art conference in 2017. Currently serving as a Magazine writer, I enjoy discussing art history, controversial artists, and methods to engage all students. I firmly believe that art class should be a safe place to experiment, try new things, and explore ideas different from your own.

In addition to writing for the Magazine, I have taught virtual art courses since 2020 and have been bringing the knowledge of STEAM education across my city with a fantastic OKC-based nonprofit since 2022.

As an artist, I enjoy creating vintage and found paper collages mixed with embroidered phrases: the kitschier, the better. I’m heavily influenced by popular culture, political events, and news headlines.

I’m a nostalgia fan: I love all things vintage and Route 66. I enjoy taking photos of vintage signs on road trips and painting them with acrylic when I get home. I am always experimenting and trying new things in my art studio.

Professional Accomplishments:

Bachelor of Fine Arts in art history, The University of Central Oklahoma | 2011

Artwork is featured on my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackiemyersok/