Lynisa Ross

District Sales Manager

When I first started teaching, I was a 7th-grade math teacher. Our art teacher retired, and my principal was moving to another city. I had been certified in Art and asked if I could have the position. After many No’s and my being very persistent, my principal finally said yes!

Wow, what a change that was! I had already been teaching for five years and felt the change would be easy, and boy was I wrong. I was at a complete loss on how to teach art because the environment was so different from teaching math. I went from a large team to bounce ideas off of to just me. I would peruse the internet for guidance but rarely found anything specific to art or middle school art.

I came across an article from AOE at the time, and I finally felt like someone understood me! I immediately signed up for the conference that winter and have attended every conference since. The Art of Education then became a University, and I immediately applied. I was awarded my Master’s Degree in February of 2021! The relevant content this company creates helped me more times than I would like to admit. I became a better art teacher because of it!

Once I got my Master’s Degree, my goal was to apply to AOEU. I just knew in my heart that I always wanted to end up working for this company, and I got the job! I am officially a team member at The Art of Education University, and I am honored to be able to help other teachers who are in the same boat I was.

I live out in the country in Texas with my 12-year-old daughter, husband, and two dogs. We live a very simple life and absolutely adore the peace and quiet country living gives us. My in-laws live right next door, so we get to visit with them often, which I love. Family is very important to me.

In my spare time, I am an artist and love to paint! Painting is what I do to relax and clear the stress from my mind. Getting my Master’s Degree from AOEU reminded me how important making art for yourself is, and I will never let that fall to the wayside again. I love to paint mixed-media pieces using acrylic and oil. I often combine 3D elements into my paintings as well.

Professional Accomplishments:

MA in Art Education, The Art of Education University | 2021

Presenter at TAEA 2020

BS in Family and Consumer Sciences | 2009

  • Major: Interior Design
  • Minor: Technology and Art

Trauma Informed Practices Trainer

New Teacher Mentor