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Accommodation Request Form

This form is required to request accommodations for graduate courses at The Art of Education University. Completing this form does not guarantee that an accommodation will be provided.

Accommodations requests are reviewed by the Dean of Student Services and Director of Compliance who will make the final determination of whether appropriate and reasonable accommodations are warranted and can be provided based on the information received.

Online courses at The Art of Education University already have many accommodations built within them.

–Students have access to course content, assignments, and due dates prior to the course beginning.
–Feedback is given privately.
–Course content is available on-demand.
–Videos are closed-captioned.
–Students work independently, never in groups.
–Students can take frequent breaks, walk away, and work when they are ready.
–Courses are asynchronous; there are no required login times.
–Course policies (Course Progress Policy and Grading Policy) support student academic success.

You must submit official documentation from a doctor or healthcare provider with your accommodations request form.

* Indicates a required field.

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    I understand that the information shared with The Art of Education University can be shared with others at the institution on a “need-to-know” basis only. Otherwise confidentiality of records is required by law and maintained within The Art of Education University’s Confidentiality and Privacy Policies. The Art of Education University may only disclose the specific nature of a student’s disability upon written release from that student.