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Webinar Sign up: The American Rescue Plan and Art Education

Join the art education community, as Anneliese Pixton, MEd, reviews the American Rescue Plan and learn how you can put these funds to work for your visual arts program. Discover what visual arts resources can be purchased and the steps you can take to make a lasting impact on every student you serve.

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How to Access American Rescue Plan Funds for Your Visual Arts Department

With the American Rescue Plan (ARP) comes unprecedented federal funding for education that will help reopen schools and address the learning loss and social-emotional needs of students impacted by COVID-19.

Often, art teachers and programs are the connectors to students’ core content areas. With their focus on creativity, social-emotional learning, and the ability to reconnect students to the school and community, art education directly addresses the impact of the pandemic. Your visual arts program is a great fit for ARP funds.

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Join Anneliese Pixton as she shows you firsthand:

  • How ARP benefits art education.
  • How your department can access ARP funding.
  • How and why ARP funds can cover FLEX Curriculum and PRO Learning.

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