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Ana Cervantes

Adjunct Instructor

Hi! My name is Ana Cervantes, and I am an artist and educator from San Bernardino, California. I am so happy to be part of the AOEU team! My background is rooted in community programming, non-profit development, and advocacy for equitable TK-12 arts access. I’ve had the honor of teaching in community arts centers, non-profits, mental health facilities, and working with foster youth. While earning my undergraduate degree, I developed my art practice to find healing and grounding and discovered my creative voice. This experience, combined with my time in the community, drives my passion for teaching and holding safe, creative spaces.

 I received my master’s degree in art education from Azusa Pacific University and my bachelor’s in kinesiology from California State University, Long Beach. The fusion of understanding the human body and mind with art education builds the foundation for my arts advocacy. I firmly believe in the creator in us all, and my teaching philosophy stems from this.

 When I’m not teaching or learning, I love to co-create with others, play with my cat, Osi, take an adventure somewhere new, and enjoy a good sunset. I look forward to creating, learning and growing, together!

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