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Andy Mork

Adjunct Instructor

I am Andy Mork. This is my twenty-sixth year teaching in schools. I currently teach middle and high school art at Humboldt High School in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I teach painting, drawing, and sculpture. In the past five years, I have taught elementary art and middle school media arts (photography and filmmaking). Saint Paul is part of an urban metro area, with a high level of diversity.

Before teaching art in Saint Paul, I spent four years as a technology integrationist at the district level helping districts prepare teachers and infrastructure to increase student access to technology tools. Prior to that, I was an art teacher in rural Wisconsin and became interested in educational disparities and inequities. I completed my EdD in 2011, with a focus on educational leadership, leading to reduce educational inequities, and leading organizational change in schools and districts.

Personally, I am a person of faith. Our family is active at our diverse church in St. Paul. I play guitar and sing on a worship team there.

I am a Minnesotan. I love being outdoors in four seasons. St. Paul is home to me, and I love many things about it, as well as Minnesota. The three things I love most about St. Paul are the water (the Mississippi River is a big part of many of our parks), the diversity, and the food; there is amazing food all around.

I am a husband. We celebrated our 20th anniversary in the fall of 2020. My wife is my best friend. We went to high school and college together. I am a father to four children, spaced out over ten years. Our family is bi-racial due to adopting one child from South Korea.

I am creative. I am a storyteller. I am a teacher.

Professional Achievements:

Luther College Bachelor’s Degree (1994)

St. Mary’s University Master’s Degree (2001)

Hamline University Doctorate Degree (2011)

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