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Cheryl Hayek

Chief Academic Officer

Welcome! I’m Dr. Cheryl Hayek, and I am proud to serve as the Chief Academic Officer for The Art of Education University. I am also an elected Commissioner for the Distance Education Accreditation Commission. I bring over twenty-five years of experience and am honored to be here serving fellow teachers who are making an impact in our communities through art education. For the past fifteen years, I have focused on being an author, researcher, and national advocate for adult online learner success. At The Art of Education, we apply those real strategies with every policy and course design component so that our AOEU students have success built in!  

Whether you are just visiting AOEU for the first time or you are already part of our art teacher family, I hope you feel the warmth, passion, and dedication we put into every single thing we do. We truly believe in empowering art teachers with tools that will enhance their careers, and by extension, their lives. From engaging and insightful blogs and professional development courses to a full master’s degree program, we are here to deliver high quality and high touch educational experiences. Whatever brings you here today, welcome. We sincerely hope we are a part of your tomorrows.

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