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Jim O'Donnell

Adjunct Instructor

Hi! My name is Jim O’Donnell, and I’m an artist, art teacher, and art teacher-teacher. I’ve taught middle, elementary, and college art courses and coordinated an art education undergraduate program for four years. I’m also the creator of KillYourColorWheels.com, a blog where I write about what I’m doing in the classroom to help art education thrive and not just survive. I hold a BA in Art Education from the University of Florida, an MFA in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking from Georgia State University, and I’m currently a Ph.D. student in The Ohio State University Arts Administration, Education, & Policy program. I’m most interested in what makes art education meaningful, memorable, and relevant for regular people. I currently believe that art education has an important part to play in the future of digital literacy and even our democracy.

I’ve considered myself an artist since middle school, and the title of my eighth-grade term paper was The Problems in School and Possible Solutions, so I’ve been thinking about art and education for a long time! I mostly screwed around in high school and initially majored in Advertising in college, until my art professor, a flamboyant, fiery-haired NYC artist draped in black from head-to-toe, convinced me of the incredible impact art could have on the lives of everyday people. After that, I decided to become part of the solution rather than the problem, and I changed my major to Art Education. Since then, I’ve worked very hard to learn everything I can about art and teaching. I was honored to be named Georgia Higher Education Art Educator of the Year for 2016, and most recently I was equally honored when I received the OSU College of Arts & Sciences Graduate Student Award for Teaching Excellence for 2019. 

Usually, when I’m not drawing, I’m either thinking about teaching or goofing off on the Internet.  I can often be found walking my dog Apple in the woods nearby. I really like sci-fi, whistling, and I want to get better at juggling.

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