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Mary Schroeder

Product Designer

I became intrigued by The Art of Education University when one of my most respected design colleagues joined the team. Even though I wasn’t an educator, I immediately started combing through the AOEU products, listening to podcasts, and meandering around all of the offerings. It’s unusual to find a place where technology is used to nourish creativity instead of focusing on selling something, which is why I kept an eye out as they grew and expanded.

I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist, usually exploring ceramics when not working on projects as a Product Designer. Although I have my BFA in Graphic Design, I consider it a foundation of my learning and have been focusing on building meaningful digital experiences ever since. AOEU seems like a perfectly blended ecosystem that appreciates when art practices in the studio inform design thinking on the screen. This holistic approach to serving education speaks to my multi-sided, creative drive and puzzle-oriented brain.

In the personal realm, I currently live in the forest of the Pacific Northwest with my partner. We enjoy making large-scale art installations, brainstorming new board games, roasting coffee, exploring ceramics, creating photographs, and making attempts at growing plants on a semi-regular basis.

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