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Shannon Pasco

Coming from a family of educators, I grew up surrounded by rich learning experiences and the idea that we are always observing, learning, and evolving into the next best version of ourselves. As I explored what I wanted to be when I grew up—an art teacher, a printmaker, and a designer—I carried that connection with me each day. My background in education, plus formal training in printmaking, provided a grounded foundation to work in the constantly evolving world of digital experiences.

Recent times have sparked a lot of reflection and created a sharper focus for many of us, and I feel the tug of how I can help the future of art and education. Art programs help foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and they serve as an outlet for expressing the parts of us that don’t always show up in expected or concrete ways. Now more than ever, this need has become much more critical. Thus began my search to find the right partnership with folks already doing this work.

When I found AOEU, I felt an immediate connection with the words “lifelong learner.” It’s more than a brand concept; it is a life philosophy woven through every touchpoint, inside and out. In my role as Director of Design, I get the privilege of working across many teams to help bring this vision to life for our educators and their students. I’m excited every day for the opportunity to help shape what’s possible and what’s next, both in the classroom and at AOEU.

Outside of work, you’ll find me spending time with my partner and kiddo and our mini-urban farm, including four cats, four chickens, one dog, and more than a few agricultural experiments growing hops or hot peppers in hoop houses, trying to learn to run between the raindrops of Northern Oregon, and nerding out on craft coffee concoctions. I am in constant pursuit of finding more time in the studio to get deeper into printmaking and find new ways to cross that practice with ceramic application.

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