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Tiffany Carr

Adjunct Instructor

I am Dr. Tiffany Carr, a teacher and leader in art education with fourteen years of experience in elementary, secondary, and higher education. I enjoy providing diverse and innovative learning opportunities, as well as facilitating professional development and presenting on current issues and trends. My pedagogical focus is on concepts of explorative teaching and learning methods, play-based learning, and Thirdspace. I strive to be a leader within the field of education by positively influencing the creativity and outlook of students, teachers, and the community.

Currently, I teach art in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where I live with my husband, two sons, and two dogs. In my free time, I try to be outside as much as possible exploring new paths and finding new adventures.

I look forward to connecting with many wonderful educators while working with the AOEU. Please feel free to reach out at any time.

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