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How to Leverage CARES Funds for Your Visual Arts Department

Join Anneliese Pixton, M. Ed. in this On-Demand Webinar as she defines the CARES Act and its benefits to Art Education.


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Last month the federal government passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

And with it comes federal funding to ease the burden of COVID-19, even K-12 schools. 

Often, art teachers and art programs are the connectors to students’ core content areas. You and your program are a great fit for receiving CARE Funding.

Join Anneliese Pixton as she shows you firsthand:

  1. How the CARES Act benefits art education.
  2. How you can use the CARES Act to your department’s benefit.
  3. How and why the CARES Act can cover FLEX Curriculum.

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About Anneliese Pixton, M. Ed.

With 15 years of experience, Anneliese is an expert in federal programs funding, education policy, and educational technology. As a public educator, she served as a para and a federal program administrator and most jobs in between. Before founding implementEd, she was co-founder and CAO of Positive Learning.

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About FLEX Curriculum

With over 40 Collections, 250+ lesson plans, 500+ resources, and more, FLEX Curriculum allows students and teachers to communicate, collaborate, and create artwork based on the National Core Arts Standards. FLEX content is also completely accessible online. Teachers can upload FLEX lessons, resources, and link videos to any learning management system (LMS).

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