Design Thinking for Art Education

Unlock the power of design in your teaching! Learn to create innovative, problem-solving lessons that captivate and inspire students across all grade levels.

3 Credits|8 Weeks|$1275

Design is an indispensable facet of visual arts education and an integral part of our daily existence. This course aims to underscore the significance of design and provide effective strategies for incorporating it into educational curricula. By exploring interdisciplinary studies spanning architecture, fashion, graphic design, experiential design, sustainability, and more, students will gain an understanding of how design processes serve as problem-solving tools to enhance life.

Teaching design starts with the use of the design process and design thinking — a human-centered, problem-solving approach. Students will learn to navigate the design process steps, starting with defining authentic local, national, or global challenges, followed by researching, brainstorming, creating prototypes, presenting, and revising for final solutions. This method fosters essential life and career skills, including communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Throughout the course, the primary focus will be on developing classroom lessons tailored to various design areas. Emphasis will be placed on innovation strategies, resources, and materials that are appropriate for students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. By the end of the course, participants will be equipped to create engaging and effective design-centric educational experiences that inspire and empower students.

See the course syllabus and Graduate Catalog for more details.

Required Materials

Additional Materials

  • Computer with basic audio and video output equipment
  • Internet access (broadband recommended)
  • Basic computing skills (see AOEU’s Technology Requirements)
  • Access to AOEU’s online learning platform, Brightspace, to view course content, submit assignments, and engage in discussion (provided)
  • A Google Drive account (provided)
  • Word-processing platform (Microsoft Office, Pages, Google Docs)


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