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Academic Probation and Dismissal Policy

The Art of Education University is committed to the academic success and positive experience of all students and reserves the right to dismiss students for specific infractions detailed below.

Academic Probation

Master’s degree students must earn a B (80%) or higher, or a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, upon completion of each course to earn graduate credit toward program completion. Master’s degree students earning 79% or less on required core courses will be placed on academic probation until the course is retaken with an earned grade of 80% or higher. In order to repeat a course, all applicable fees and tuition must be paid.

Violations and Dismissal

AOEU follows the Academic Integrity Policy and the Student Code of Conduct Policy to determine the dismissal of students. Students who are dismissed will be removed from the course and program. All current and pre-paid future courses and will be issued a refund according to the Transfer, Withdrawal, and Tuition Reimbursement Policy. Students dismissed from AOEU are ineligible for future enrollment.

It is the student’s responsibility to understand and uphold AOEU policies. Students should consult their instructor with questions.

If you have specific questions or concerns not addressed here,  contact help@theartofeducation.edu for clarification.