Course Participation Policy

Course Participation Policy

The Art of Education University is committed to ensuring students take personal responsibility for achieving the learning objectives within each course. To assist students in meeting that goal, the university requires students to participate by regularly logging into their course, substantively interacting with peers and instructors through the discussion forums, and submitting all coursework by the weekly due date.

Late Submission Policy

Assignment deadlines are posted in the Learning Management System (LMS). Students unable to submit an assignment by the due date specified may, at the discretion of the instructor, be allowed to submit the assignment at a specified later date within the course term. Late work is subject to point deductions. 

  • Students must request their instructor’s permission for an extension 24 hours before the due date specified for the assignment in question. Point deductions will not occur for prearranged and instructor-approved extensions. 
  • If there is no communication prior to the late submission, it is at the discretion of the instructor to accept or not accept the work. Point deductions will occur if the instructor is notified less than 24 hours before the due date or after the assignment is due.
  • Occasionally, an instructor may allow a student to make up or re-submit work; in this case, the instructor will set specific instructions and due dates. 
  • All late work must be submitted by the course end date. 
  • Technology issues are not grounds for late submissions. 
  • Bulk submissions (more than one assignment) are not permitted. Bulk is considered more than one submission. 
  • This policy does not supersede the existing Incomplete or Substantive Interaction policies. Students have only until the last day of a course to submit work unless they have previously requested and been granted a temporary grade of Incomplete by the instructor.

Participation and Substantive Interaction Policy 

Substantive interaction and course participation are required to succeed in graduate studies. Students must meet weekly assignment deadlines to avoid failure. Bulk assignment submission (more than one assignment) after periods of inactivity does not reflect academic engagement and is not permitted. 

Additional policy information may be found in the current edition of the Graduate Catalog.

 If you have specific questions or concerns not addressed here, contact for clarification.