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Course Progress Policy


At The Art of Education University, coursework is flexible. Students may work at their own pace and even work ahead, as long as they meet the required weekly due dates.

Course Satisfactory Academic Standing

To maintain satisfactory academic standing, students must submit assignments and participate in course activities on a weekly basis. To earn graduate credit, degree-seeking students must complete their course with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or a grade at or above a B (80%).

Degree Program: Satisfactory Academic Standing

All coursework at The Art of Education University is rolling enrollment, and the program has a rolling admissions policy. Students can take courses at any time, and at any rate, during the five-year degree timeframe. Similarly, students can apply to the program at any time. Academic advisors will reach out to students on a systematic basis to ensure they are making satisfactory progress toward their degree.

If a student fails to enroll in a course for one year’s time, they will be sent a letter requesting communication regarding their intentions of completing the degree. The student will have the option to continue with the program by enrolling in a course or officially withdrawing from the program. If the student fails to respond to the written correspondence, the student will be unofficially withdrawn from the degree program at their five-year degree program expiration and will need to reapply to continue with a degree-seeking candidacy. All fees, rules, and regulations will apply.

Capstone Readiness Exam Policy (Proctored Event)

Students enrolled in AOEU’s Master of Arts in Art Education degree program must pass the Capstone Readiness Exam. Students can begin the exam after the Capstone Readiness Checkpoint is successfully completed. Once started, the exam must be completed within seven (7) days.

Only students who have passed this assessment will be allowed to continue on in the master’s degree program and enroll in their final two courses: Mission of Teaching and Capstone Research. Students who do not pass the exam will need to meet with their academic advisor, reschedule an exam date, and remit an additional exam fee.

Late Work

All assignment deadlines are determined by the instructor and posted online. Any late work will be noted by the instructor and will receive up to half credit, after the first offense. It is the student’s responsibility to check the grade book frequently. Any questions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the course instructor. Students should contact their AOEU instructor immediately should an unforeseeable circumstance prevent them from completing an assignment by the assigned date to discuss extension options.

Assignment Extensions

AOEU instructors will work with students to set reasonable extensions (an agreed upon time-frame to both the instructor and student) for assignments when unforeseen situations arise. To qualify for an extension, students must reach out to their instructor at least 24 hours before the due date to communicate their inability to complete the assignment on time. Point deductions will not occur for pre-arranged extensions. Point deductions will occur if the instructor is notified within 24 hours or after the assignment due date.

Course Extensions

All work must be completed by the course end date, regardless of extensions given within the course for individual assignments. If special circumstances arise regarding the end date of a course, students should reach out to their instructor. In extenuating circumstances, an extension may be granted beyond the end date of a course.

Final grades will be processed within seven days of the extension date.

Degree Program: Extension Policy

Students who have not successfully completed the degree program at the conclusion of five years will automatically be withdrawn from the program. Students will need to reapply for the program. All fees and admission requirements will apply.

If you have specific questions or concerns not addressed here,  contact help@theartofeducation.edu for clarification.