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Library Services: APA and Citation Supports

 APA Citations

These supports are designed to help you navigate the world of APA style.  You may be familiar with other research and writing styles from your undergraduate career, but the American Psychological Association (APA) is the most common format used in graduate art education.

All writing assignments require APA formatting and citations. APA format for assignments includes double-spacing and using a standard, 12-point font. Include complete citations for all references according to APA style.

Discussion board postings do not require APA formatting; however, all relevant sources must receive credit. Sources can be included within the text, listed as references, or hyperlinked in your discussion board post. (See the AOEU Academic Integrity Policy).

Quick Guide

How do I cite…?

How do I grab a citation from EBSCOhost?

How do I do in-text citations? (And what is an in-text citation, anyways?!)

How do I make my reference list?

How do I reverse indent my reference list?

What do I do if I am missing reference information?

For more resources, visit the APA Style Website or the Purdue Online Writing Lab.

Academic Writing Supports

Do you need more help with APA citations or research?

Click here to schedule a meeting with AOEU’s Library Services. 

The link above allows you to schedule a 1:1 meeting with AOEU’s Library Services. It is important that you come prepared with specific questions. Check out 5 Tips for Preparing for a Meeting with AOEU’s Library Services.  

For more information, email libraryservices@theartofeducation.edu