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Library Services: APA and Citation Supports

These supports are designed to help you navigate the world of APA style.  You may be familiar with other research and writing styles from your undergraduate career, but the American Psychological Association (APA) is the most common format used in graduate art education.  Certain assignments in AOEU courses are required to use APA style, but it is always required that you give proper credit where credit is due (See the AOEU Academic Integrity Policy).

 APA Citations

For the basics of citations, check out the APA 7 Quick Reference Guide.

For a general overview of writing in APA style, check out the video In-Text Citation Basics, APA 7.

For general information on how to build a reference list in APA style, check out How to Build a Reference List in APA Style.

Specific Citation Examples

For more examples, visit the APA Style Website or the Purdue Online Writing Lab.


Do you need more help with APA citations or research?

Click here to schedule a meeting with AOEU’s Library Services. 

The link above allows you to schedule a 1:1 meeting with AOEU’s Library Services. It is important that you come prepared with specific questions. Check out 5 Tips for Preparing for a Meeting with AOEU’s Library Services.  

For more information, email libraryservices@theartofeducation.edu