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Online Learning Expectations

What to Expect

Courses are instructed using an online learning management system. Course forums, with assigned due dates, are designed to enhance interaction between students and faculty. All assignments are submitted within the online forum.

  1. Discussion boards should be completed in order. Assignments are due by the specified due date.
  2. Participation in all discussion boards is required. This includes an initial post that reflects on all discussion board questions within the assignment, a minimum of two fully developed peer responses to two classmates’ assignments for each discussion board, and attached assignments (as assigned).
  3. Quality, length, formatting, and grammar are expectations of detailed and thorough responses. Best practice includes word-processing and editing responses before copying and pasting them into the discussion forum. Students are expected to reference the work of others appropriately. Please see the Academic Integrity Policy and course rubric for more details.
  4. When replying to a classmate, please refrain from generalized, one-sentence responses such as, “Great job with your post, I think you have some great ideas here.” Quality and depth should be present in all peer responses. The instructor may comment and ask for clarification or elaboration of ideas if they feel the content is not sufficient. To earn full credit, students are required to elaborate or post additional responses when prompted.
  5. Pacing is important in the course. The first person to post a discussion in the course will need to go back and reply to other students once they have posted. Working ahead is acceptable; however, staying with the pace of the course and completing posts by the assigned due dates is vital to group discussion.
  6. All information discussed in this course is confidential. To ensure confidentiality, please refrain from using any student, teacher, or program names. Instead of using names, please refer to subjects as Student A, Teacher B, etc. Images of students should also be avoided or blurred.
  7. All assignments and discussion boards will be graded using the course rubric and/or checklist provided within each course.
  8. All attachments must be converted and uploaded as PDFs. This locks formatting and ensures accessibility for all students.

If you have specific questions or concerns not addressed here, please contact help@theartofeducation.com for clarification.