Student Expectations

Statement of Student Responsibilities

Student success depends on their response to the opportunities and responsibilities within the university. When students begin graduate coursework, their actions and efforts will bear out this presumption. The final responsibility for fulfilling the requirements of a course syllabus in each course, for meeting all program/degree requirements, and for complying with the university’s regulations and procedures rests with the student as described in all university publications and websites. 

The Art of Education University students are responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Ensure official transcripts are received and on file as required by AOEU.
  • Check your email account regularly for important university communications.
  • Read and adhere to all published policies and procedures.
  • Maintain communication with a university representative. 
  • Ensure name, mailing address, learner location, and personal information are on file and correct. 
  • Meet or complete all academic prerequisites and grading standards. 
  • Complete coursework within the course run dates and submit work on time. Technology, human error, or internet problems is not a valid excuse for turning in assignments late.
  • Request exemptions to policy in advance.
  • Submit disputes of grades in writing.
  • Maintain professional communication with all university faculty and staff. 

Books & Materials

As a student in this course, you are expected to secure books and materials as described below:

Most course resources are housed in the course platform. Some courses have additional required books or materials. Books and materials must be purchased before the course begins. Some courses have a required book. Select the course you are taking to see the ISBN and book title required for purchase. 

The cost for required books varies but is estimated at $15 – $30 each.

Studio courses have required materials. Select the course you are taking to see the materials list. If you already have the materials on hand you don’t need to purchase them.

The cost for studio materials varies but is estimated at $50-$100 per course.