Studio Drawing Course: Choosing the Right Media

General Handouts

Handout: Drawing Vocabulary

Handout: Choosing the Right Drawing Media

Handout: Choosing the Right Drawing Paper

Handout: Drawing Techniques 

Handout: How to Create the Illusion of Depth

Handout: Top Ten Compositions



Handout: Choosing the Right Drawing Pencil

Video:  Working with Graphite (Russell, 2019)


Video: Working with Charcoal (Russell, 2019)

Colored Pencil

Video:  Working with Colored Pencils (Russell, 2019)

Watercolor Pencil

Video: Working with Watercolor Pencil (Russell, 2019)

Oil Pastel

Video:  Working with Oil Pastels (Russell, 2019)

Chalk Pastel

Video: Working with Chalk Pastels (Russell, 2019)

India Ink

Video: Working with India Ink (Russell, 2019)

Permanent Marker

Video:  Working with Permanent Marker (Russell, 2019)


Video:  Working with Conte (Russell, 2019)


Bonus Material:  The Basics on How to Use Different Types of Drawing Media – Review the handout and accompanying video links to see how Johanna Russell (2019) teaches some of these concepts to her own students.