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Syllabus Capstone Research (2021)

Course Title: Capstone Research

Semester Credit Hours: 6

Course Code: AOEU ARE631 

Prerequisites: Mission of Teaching


This course is worth six credit hours and will run for 12 weeks. Participants will be invited to the course two days before the scheduled start date, giving them time in advance for organization and planning. Official interactive learning will begin on the first Monday of the month in which the course runs.


Instructor details and contact information are listed in the course announcements on the course landing page. Office hours are available by appointment only.

Course Description

The Capstone Research course is the culmination of the master’s degree program. In this 12-week course, participants will use knowledge acquired throughout the program, coupled with their professional roles in the field, to create an action research project relevant to their classroom and experience. Participants will be required to complete a formal video proposal, professional paper, and culminating Capstone presentation. A final capstone presentation is a virtual event including faculty, peers, and AOEU leadership.

Prerequisites: Mission of Teaching

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and pursue research goals that provide meaningful scholarship as a reflection practitioner.
  • Evaluate exemplars of contemporary research in art education and related fields.
  • Independently design and carry out an action research project that yields trustworthy results.
  • Collaborate with the instructor and peers in mutually supportive ways.
  • Prepare and present a comprehensive capstone project and paper.

Required Materials


Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th edition) (ISBN-10: 1433832178)

Action Research in Education: A Practical Guide (2nd edition): Efron & Ravid, (ISBN-10: 1462541623)

Additional Materials

  • Computer with basic audio and video output equipment
  • Internet access (broadband recommended)
  • Basic computing skills (see AOEU’s Technology Requirements)
  • Access to AOEU’s online learning platform, Brightspace, to view course content, submit assignments, and engage in discussion (provided)
  • Word-processing platform (Google Docs)

Course Schedule

See the online course calendar in the LMS for specific due dates.

WeekActivityTopicPoint ValueEstimated Workload Hours Per Week
Week 1Discussion BoardIntroduce yourself to the class.3029 Hours
Week 2Discussion BoardAnalyze samples of action research30
Week 2AssignmentRevise your introduction and literature review5022 Hours
Week 3Discussion BoardSelect your research methodology30
Week 3AssignmentCraft a methodology outline5018 Hours
Week 4Discussion BoardSelect and defend your data collection tool choices30
Week 4AssignmentCraft your methodology5024 Hours
Week 5Discussion BoardCreate your proposal slide deck15
Week 5AssignmentCapstone research proposal presentation5036 Hours
Week 6Discussion BoardEvaluate feedback and begin executing your project30
Week 6AssignmentDesign and create capstone project materials5019 Hours
Week 7Discussion BoardDedicated time to work and share your progress3025 Hours
Week 8Discussion BoardDedicated time to work and share your progress309 Hours
Week 9Discussion BoardResearch and develop your data analysis strategies30
Week 9AssignmentDraft and outline of your results section5016 Hours
Week 10Discussion BoardCritique your findings related to theories or studies from your literature review30
Week 10AssignmentDraft your discussion5011 Hours
Week 11Discussion BoardComplete final pieces of your capstone research paper30
Week 11AssignmentSubmit your final capstone research paper120
Week 12Final CapstoneCapstone research presentation and participation in peer presentations60
Total845209 Hours

Evaluation Method

Participants are expected to submit all activities by the due dates and progress through the course content in numerical order. All activities, including discussion board posts, peer responses, and assignments, are evaluated by the instructor using a rubric.

Participant grades are always available in the online grade book inside the LMS. It is the participant’s responsibility to check the online grade book frequently and contact the instructor with questions.

Discussion Boards

Participants interact, collaborate, and share information on discussion boards. Each participant posts an initial contribution, addressing required discussion board questions, and reads and responds to peer posts as required. Participants have two days after the discussion board due date to read and respond to each other’s posts. All discussion boards are evaluated by the instructor using a rubric.


Assignments are completed by course participants, addressing required criteria detailed in the course. All assignments are submitted to the instructor inside the LMS. All assignments are evaluated by the instructor using a rubric.

Course Policies

It is important for participants to review all of AOEU’s Course Policies. Contact your instructor with questions.

Drop Policy

Students are eligible to drop a course and receive 100% tuition refund at any time before 11:59 p.m. Central Time (UTC-5) on the seventh day of a course. See AOEU’s Transfer, Withdrawal, and Tuition Reimbursement policy.

Withdrawal Policy

Students are eligible for a 100% tuition refund at any time before 11:59 p.m. Central Time (UTC-5) on the last day of the course. Withdrawal requests made after 11:59 p.m. Central Time (UTC-5) on the seventh day of the course will be documented as a formal withdrawal (W) on the student record. Withdrawal requests after 11:59 p.m. Central Time (UTC-5) of the course end date will not be accepted. See AOEU’s Transfer, Withdrawal, and Tuition Reimbursement policy.

Late Work

Participants are expected to submit all activities by the due dates. All submissions are time stamped in the LMS. Weekly assignment extensions must be preapproved by the instructor. Unexcused late work will result in a point deduction in accordance with the grading rubric. See AOEU’s Course Progress Policy.

Grading Scale

Letter GradePercentageGPA

See AOEU’s Grading Policy

Academic Integrity

The Art of Education University believes academic integrity is essential in order to maintain the validity of all grades earned and to protect the integrity of the university and all of its students and graduates. Therefore, AOEU adheres to the highest standards when it comes to scholarly work.

All work submitted and/or presented by students must be original and must properly cite all outside inspiration. Original cited work includes, but is not limited to, individual and group assignments in written, oral, and electronic forms, as well as any artistic creations. See the Academic Integrity Policy.

Americans with Disabilities Act

The Art of Education University is committed to providing applicable provisions for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. To receive disability services at The Art of Education University, the student must submit an Accommodation Request Form for review. The Dean of Student Services and Head of Compliance will review all applications and respond privately. See the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) policy.


This course syllabus and course content is the intellectual property of The Art of Education University, LLC. It may not be duplicated or shared in any way without written permission.