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What Is FLEX Curriculum?

FLEX gives art teachers access to a rich library of high-quality curriculum materials so they can save time and focus on teaching and student learning.



Search and filter through a library of premium curriculum materials, including lessons, videos, resources, and assessments.


FLEX allows teachers to build custom lesson plans to best curate standards-aligned curriculum materials into 100% custom classes and units.


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1000s of Premium Curriculum Materials

Lesson Plans:

Engaging step-by-step lessons complete with key objectives, teaching strategies, and time requirements.


Students will identify geometric and organic shapes, negative space, and unity to create an abstract work of art. Students will create an artwork using oil pastels inspired by abstract artist Reggie Laurent’s work.

LEVEL – Beginner

AREAS OF STUDY – Oil Pastel / Shape / Abstract Art / Unity / Line

COLLECTIONS – Expressive Abstraction


Students will appraise the impact of artists inspired by nature and hypothesize how art can affect social change as they create nature-inspired pinch pots enhanced with texture and glazing techniques. They will create a rubric for success and participate in a final critique.

LEVEL – Advanced

AREAS OF STUDY – Ceramics / Sculpture / Form / Science

COLLECTIONS – Pinch Pottery


Through visual journaling, students will explore collaging imaginative visual stories. Students will arrange found images from magazines to explore how composition impacts visual meaning-making. Students will write creative stories and poems to connect with the artworks.

LEVEL – Intermediate

AREAS OF STUDY – Literacy / Collage / Watercolor / Unity / Emphasis / Color

COLLECTIONS – Visual Journaling


Students will examine artists that work with pairs (e.g., socks) and paired objects (e.g., salt and pepper shakers). They will create a unique pair of items using air-dry clay, present their pair with a reflective artist statement, and participate in a peer critique.

LEVEL – Beginner

AREAS OF STUDY – Still Life / Acrylic / Ceramics / Sculpture / Balance

COLLECTIONS – Creating with Air Dry Clay


Students will analyze portraits created by Andy Warhol. They will create a pop art inspired self-portrait using repetition, line, and color with paint and pastels.

LEVEL – Intermediate

AREAS OF STUDY – Portrait / Chalk Pastels / Color / Line / Pop Art

COLLECTIONS – Exploring Pop Art


Students will develop an artist statement using a combination of words, props, and art. They will use created and gathered objects to tell the story of artmaking through stop-motion animation and highlight their own voice and process as they present their final animations.

LEVEL – Advanced

AREAS OF STUDY – STEAM / Technology / Identity / Media Arts / Digital

COLLECTIONS – The Art of Stop-Motion Animation

Do You See What I see

Students will investigate the concept of shared and differing interpretations of artwork through peer and class discussion. Students will represent personal interpretations of artwork in sketchbooks, then analyze similar and different interpretations with those of their peers.

LEVEL – Beginner

AREAS OF STUDY – Drawing / Markers / Watercolor / Line / Color/ Contemporary Art

COLLECTIONS – Building a Sketchbook Practice: One-Day Lessons


Premium student-facing resources, including worksheets, reference materials, anchor charts, lists, planning sheets, and more.


RESOURCE TYPE – Anchor Chart

AREAS OF STUDY – Colored Pencils / Color / Texture

COLLECTIONS – Working With Colored Pencil / Empowering Identity in Art / Integrating STEAM / Introducing Coding With Art / Flowers in Art / Experimenting With Sketchbooks / Transformation and Color / Nature With Mixed Media / Visual Contrast / Inspired by Cave Art / Building a Sketchbook Practice: One Day Lessons / Portraits and Pencils / Applied Color Theory / Emotion and Identity / Exploring Digital Art Museums / Artistic Practices Advanced / Basic Still Life




COLLECTIONS – Experimenting With Portraiture / Portraits and Pencils / Heroes and Leaders



AREAS OF STUDY – Drawing / Literacy 

COLLECTIONS – Expressive Abstraction / Applied Color Theory / Exploring My Community / Emotion and Identity / Mixed-Media Sculpture / Sketching to Shading / Simple Landscapes / Line in Everyday Life / Advanced Math Concepts / Movement and Me / Oil Pastel Techniques / Designing With Pattern / Exploring Pop Art / Inspired by Cave Art / Shape Compositions / Exploring Space Through Shape / Basic Still Life / Multi-Media Texture / Monochromatic Value / Watercolor and Everyday Life / Portraits and Pencils / Creating With Everyday Objects / Contemporary Street Art / Experimenting With Portraiture / Working With Colored Pencil / 3D Engineering / Current and World Events




COLLECTIONS – Exploring Pop Art




COLLECTIONS – Meaningful Collage


High-quality animated videos to capture student attention and scaffold learning around critical art concepts.


Targeted and open-ended assessments, including formative, summative, reflections, critiques, and more.

Artist Bios:

Biographies to help students connect with a diverse set of historical, contemporary, and living artists.


What Is Abstract Expressionism?


Seascape Drawing


What Are Fiber Arts?

Frida Kahlo


Henri Matisse


Resources Are Organized Into Thematic Collections

FLEX Collections are a great way to find the exact curriculum materials you’re looking for, and FLEX members get exclusive access to the entire library.

Exploring Abstract Expressionism

  • 6 Lesson Plans
  • 39 Resources
  • 9 Videos
  • 6 Assessments

Help students interpret their feelings with mark making and emotion as they explore the movement and genre of abstract expressionism.

Line in Everyday Life

  • 6 Lesson Plans
  • 27 Resources
  • 6 Videos
  • 6 Assessments

Illustrate the importance of lines, a core element of design and an essential part of many art forms across mediums.
Includes resources describing types of lines.

Empowering Identity in Art

  • 6 Lesson Plans
  • 55 Resources
  • 1 Video
  • 5 Assessments

Show students how an artist’s identity can influence their artwork and how they can apply that learning to express their personal identity.


What’s New in FLEX

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We’ve expanded our K–1 curriculum with engaging, short, K–1 instructional materials.

6 New Front-of-Classroom Videos

Discover new front-of-classroom videos for grades K-1 to demonstrate techniques, facilitate hands-on learning, and engage learners.

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Five NEW Collections

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Latest FLEX Release Notes

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Media Process Skills Resources

Utilize these new scaffolding resources to assess student media process skills, provide targeted instruction, and foster student growth.

New FLEX Teacher’s Edition

The redesigned FLEX Teacher’s Edition is organized into easily accessible sections for faster access to the support you deserve.


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Conserve energy and prep time with FLEX and PRO’s Curriculum Suite. PRO Learning, a professional development platform, is the perfect complement to offer essential skills to teachers to help them succeed with the lessons and resources inside FLEX.

Pairing FLEX and PRO offers savings and lets teachers experience a comprehensive K–12 visual arts curriculum solution that will elevate every aspect of what they do in the classroom.


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FLEX Learners at every level benefit from the engaging, relevant materials found in the FLEX library. And when teachers across the district work together, the transition between grades—and even between schools —is seamless, providing the instructional continuity and prerequisite knowledge students need.


Art educators utilize FLEX materials to save time and easily implement coursework in their classrooms so they can focus on what they love: teaching.

The curriculum is relevant and can be presented as-is or customized to fit unique needs.


FLEX allows administrators to offer district-wide art education curriculum, helping to streamline the onboarding process and strengthen the existing community of teachers. It’s ready-to-use and eliminates implementation guesswork.


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Curriculum aligned with all 50 states’ arts standards, including the NCAS.

Ensuring that your curriculum aligns with state and national arts standards has never been easier. Curriculum materials in FLEX are individually aligned to state and national arts standards. Select a specific standard, and FLEX will filter for curriculum materials that fit. Learn more about state requirements and how FLEX aligns.


Teachers Flex

Jamey Williams

Art Teacher Aldine Independent TX

FLEX has become an indispensable tool in my daily teaching routine. Whether I need simple handouts or comprehensive lesson plans, FLEX has it all. Its extensive library supports and enriches every medium I teach, offering a plethora of resources from vocabulary aids to engaging warm-up activities. Utilizing their complete lesson plans has certainly lightened my workload.

Erika Chapman

VAPA Arts Coordinator Manteca CA

With FLEX, the lesson format and materials have made it super easy to refresh our curriculum, which keeps art teachers engaged. If art teachers are bored, students are bored.

Julie Levesque

Visual Arts Coordinator Pinellas County School District FL

“The big difference with the FLEX Curriculum is the quality of the lessons. Our district is very studio based. It’s all about projects and hands-on learning. It’s doing, creating, making—it’s a very artistic mindset type of learning. These FLEX lessons really lend themselves to what we’re trying to do, and we feel that it really helps our new art teachers.”


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