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1st Edition K-12 Scope and Sequences

The following FLEX Curriculum K-12 scope and sequences were designed for art educators to use as inspiration and as a guide to drive teaching. The FLEX Curriculum contents selected at each level are based on five grade-level priority National Core Arts Standards and ‘Essential Questions.’

The National Core Arts Standards are the foundation of each grade level scope and sequence. Priority standards selected ensure students will have opportunities to create, connect, present, and respond through process and projects. Concepts and skills in the lesson plans spiral and build upon one another increasing complexity and depth.

Grade level units are organized by an element, principle, or media (first column on the left). While the following scope and sequences are written to be linear with spiraling concepts, modifications may need to be made to meet district or student goals and needs. If all units are taught in sequential order, students will be exposed to a variety of skills, standards, concepts, media, and learning experiences.

BEGINNER SCOPE AND SEQUENCES: 1st Edition K-5th grades

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ADVANCED SCOPE AND SEQUENCES: 1st Edition 9-12th grades

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