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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly posed FLEX Curriculum questions. Can’t find your answer here? Have detailed questions about FLEX? You’re in the right place. Can’t find your answer here? Call 515.650.3198 or email help@theartofeducation.edu.

FLEX Curriculum Materials

What is in each Collection?

FLEX Curriculum is organized into Collections. Collections are curriculum materials organized by theme. Each Collection contains lesson plans, resources, assessments, and videos that connect with the theme. Teachers can handpick materials from the collections to create personalized units or classes.

Is this a prescribed curriculum that has to be followed in order?

No. Art teachers are creative lesson architects who are continually problem-solving, designing, and innovating. They do not want or need a prescriptive curriculum. Instead, they need a rigorous, relevant, and flexible set of resources they can utilize based on their unique needs. With FLEX, teachers can pick and choose materials to create their own set of scope and sequences, units, and classes.

How does FLEX differ from traditional curriculum and textbooks?

  • FLEX is dynamic, not static. On average, a school district only updates curriculum resources for a content area every 5-7 years. FLEX Collections are updated monthly. FLEX content is responsive to world events and the requests and needs of art teachers around the world.
  • FLEX is personalized, not one-size-fits-all. Search features allow teachers to filter based on standards, skill level, and topic.
  • FLEX is organic, not prescriptive. Because art teachers are creative lesson architects who are continually problem-solving, designing, and innovating, they do not want or need a prescriptive curriculum. They need a rigorous, relevant, and flexible curriculum they can modify based on their needs.

Who contributes to creating FLEX Curriculum?

Practicing art teachers from around the world with a variety of teaching experiences contribute to the creation of FLEX Curriculum in collaboration with The Art of Education University. This development model ensures that FLEX Curriculum fits the needs of all art teachers.

What age level is FLEX Curriculum best suited for?

FLEX Curriculum is suitable for kindergarten through 12th-grade students and doesn’t pigeonhole lessons into specific grade levels. Instead, lessons are categorized as Beginner (geared toward K-5), Intermediate (geared toward 6-8), and Advanced (geared toward 9-12). However, teachers are welcome and able to scale lessons up or down to meet the needs of their unique students. Furthermore, all lessons are aligned to the National Core Arts Standards and selected state standards.

How often are new Collections added?

FLEX Curriculum is a growing platform. Three new thematic Collections (including lessons, resources, assessments, and videos) are added each month.

Are FLEX Curriculum materials exclusive to FLEX members?

Yes. FLEX Curriculum materials are exclusive to those who have paid for a subscription to the platform. With a subscription, teachers can download and use any of the materials and incorporate them into the LMS they currently use. Teachers can also freely access the platform and videos at any time.

Can choice-based art teachers use FLEX Curriculum?

Yes. Making sure that FLEX works well for choice-based classrooms is a priority. Most curriculum platforms completely miss serving choice-based teachers. FLEX includes student-facing resources and videos, process-based worksheets, artist bios, and open-ended assessments, all ideal for the choice-based classroom.

How does FLEX connect to other content areas?

FLEX can be filtered by a variety of connections. These connections include social studies, science, literacy, math, technology, STEAM, engineering, and social-emotional learning. FLEX also connects to the understanding of oneself through emotion and identity, understanding of the environment through community, and understanding of the outside world through current and world events.

What is the difference between FLEX Curriculum and PRO Learning?

  • FLEX Curriculum is a curriculum platform that helps art teachers discover what to teach. It contains lesson plans and student-facing resources, assessments, artist bios, and videos.
  • PRO Learning is a professional development platform that helps art teachers learn how to teach more effectively. It contains teacher-facing videos and resources that allow teachers to earn PD hours for their learning.
  • Paired together, PRO and FLEX are the ultimate combination for professional art teachers!

Will I earn PD hours from FLEX?

FLEX is a curriculum platform and does not provide PD hours. If PD hours are needed, see PRO Learning.

Assessments and Standards 

How does assessment work with FLEX Curriculum?

Assessments are connected to relevant collections to help teachers evaluate the content in the collection. Assessments are also found in the “Assessments” area of FLEX.  Assessment resources are left open-ended for teachers and districts to use with any lesson or unit. You can filter Assessments by “summative,” “formative,” “reflection,” “critique,” “peer assessment,” “beginner,” “intermediate,” “advanced,” and “area of study.”

Is FLEX aligned to state and national standards?

Yes. FLEX can be filtered and searched by state and national standards. FLEX allows teachers to search through content to discover standards and to search through standards to discover content. It works both ways.

FLEX for Schools and Administrators

What type of training and implementation will my teachers get?

The Art of Education University wants every school district that purchases FLEX to be as successful as possible in implementing the program. A dedicated School Success Manager will meet with the school district’s administration to understand their goals and build an implementation plan for the district. With usage reports, the visual arts team will be able to identify those who are using the program successfully and those who need a little more help. The school success team is always available to offer full-service support to the entire team.

Will my students need accounts or logins with FLEX?

No. Students do not get logins, but individual teachers do. Flex Curriculum is priced per teacher because we acknowledge that art teachers often serve a high number of students and are frequently in more than one building. We give teachers the autonomy to create units and classes based on their unique students. All content can be downloaded, printed, or shared in their chosen student-facing platform or LMS. With this capability, students can learn about visual arts in the same place they are learning other subjects.

Can I collaborate with my teachers within the platform?

Yes! Administrators can create units and classes and share those with their entire district. This works well for common assessments, shared vocabulary lists, or common units to ensure continuity across the district.

How can FLEX Curriculum help my district with our art curriculum review?

  • If the district is in an adoption cycle, FLEX offers a complete library of materials to drive curriculum review while still giving teachers autonomy to design a custom curriculum.
  • If the district needs a curriculum refresh between adoption cycles, FLEX can help keep the curriculum relevant from year to year with new materials (lessons, assessments, artist bios, vocabulary lists, student worksheets, student reference guides, student-facing videos, and more) released every month.
  • If the district is looking for supplemental curriculum, FLEX can enhance what teachers already teach in the classroom and allow them to search by content type or standard to round out their curriculum.

Billing Information / Canceling My Subscription

How/when will you charge my credit card?

Upon purchase, we will immediately bill your credit card for one month or one year depending on your selection of monthly or annual billing.

  • If you select monthly billing, we will bill your credit card on a monthly-recurring basis on the same day each month until you cancel your subscription or your credit card expires.
  • If you select annual billing, we will bill your credit card on a yearly recurring basis on the same day of each year until you cancel your subscription or your credit card expires.

How do I stop the automatic billing on my credit card?

To stop automatic billing on your credit card, you can do one of three things:

  1. Cancel your subscription.
    You can cancel at any time through your account page. Billing will cease immediately upon cancellation.
  2. Change your billing preferences to a different credit card.
    We will stop billing your current card, and future billing will occur on your new card.
  3. Switch to Purchase Order payments.
    We do accept Purchase Orders from districts. In order to pay with a purchase order, you will need to select the annual billing option. All purchase order billing is done annually and your district’s payment is due one month from the initiation of the subscription.

What if my credit card expires?

If your credit card expires, we will send you an email notification to update your credit card information. If you do not update your credit card information within one week of notification, you will lose access to FLEX Curriculum until your card is updated and your subscription is re-initiated.

What happens to my access if I cancel my FLEX subscription?

Only current subscribers of FLEX Curriculum are able to access the materials. If the subscription gets canceled, all current and future FLEX materials will no longer be accessible, including any previously downloaded materials.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Cancellation is possible at any time, but access to all FLEX materials, including current and future curriculum materials in the platform, will be lost.

What does FLEX cost?

FLEX is $49 per month for the individual monthly subscription. You can save 15% by purchasing an annual subscription at $499 per year.

Can I bundle FLEX Curriculum and PRO Learning together?

Yes. FLEX Curriculum and PRO Learning are the perfect compliment to one another for professional art teachers. If you bundle PRO + FLEX, the cost is $69/month or $699/year.