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Hybrid Model

Everything you need to teach art in a hybrid model in one place.

With your multitasking skill set and the myriad of tips, tricks, and strategies all curated specifically for you, you’ll be able to seamlessly strike a balance between in-person and online instruction.


Free Articles, Podcasts, and Other Useful Resources

How FLEX Curriculum Supports Teaching Art in a Hybrid Model

You’ll be supported no matter where you are: in person, online, or a mix of both. With lessons plans that require minimal materials and resources that can be quickly organized and accessed from anywhere, you’ll be ready to handle whatever changes come your way.

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Learn How Districts Use PRO Learning in a Hybrid Model

Watch Packs that will work no matter what situation you are in. Explore Packs with ideas that span in-person and online teaching and speak to keeping you and your students mentally healthy.

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AOEU's Newest Course: Strategies and Tools for Online Art Instruction

This three-week course will provide practical strategies and tools to facilitate online art instruction. Each week, faculty will model a teaching strategy with art-specific examples using Zoom, Padlet, Google Classroom, and Web 2.0 tools.

At the conclusion of the course, participants will have access to the bank of lessons and resources shared by their peers to provide continued support and inspire online instruction strategies in a changing environment.

The course is open now, and you can enroll today to be in our next cohort!

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