12 Days of Photoshop: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: High School Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Shape, Color, Texture, Design

Art Skills: Computer Graphics, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving

Making Connections: limitless depending on your prompts!

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan
Click to Download Free Lesson Plan

Looking for a fun, exciting way for your students to review everything they learned in Computer Art this year? The 12 Days of Photoshop might be just the trick! Each day for the 12 days leading up to winter break, you’ll ask your students to complete a task. They will only have one day to think of an idea and create it in Photoshop. The timing keeps it exciting. The results are always fun!

If you’re a Photoshop novice yourself, don’t worry! We have you covered. Check out the PRO Learning Pack Discovering Photoshop Basics for everything you need to get started to teach this powerful program to your students. You’ll gain the confidence to introduce basic tools, processes, and simple artmaking methods to overcome your hesitation.

Here is a full list of 12 ideas to get you started along with some fun examples.

To see even more click here. Have a Merry Photoshop!

Day One, Something Sliced
You have one class period to create something sliced! What you choose and how you slice it is up to you, however, your best bet is to consider matching shapes, colors, textures and contours carefully.



Day Two, A Super Hero Mashup with Disney
Combine any Disney or Pixar character with the super powers you just know he/she deserves. You pick the character and the power. Be creative and have fun!

Day Three, A Funny Movie Poster Parody
Make a movie poster for a “different” kind of movie. How is it different? That’s up to you. Be creative. Be clever!

Day Four, Some Scrambled Bodies Looking All Crazy!
This body part might not go here and that part might not go there. Mix up some body parts.



Day Five, Show Something in Motion
By using the right object and just enough blur you can make sure your object in motion will tend to stay in motion.

Day Six, Really Scary Signs!
Show us the signs we do not want to see.

Day Seven, Normal Extremes!
Take something everyday, common, normal and make it extreme! What about kitty chow for velociraptors? What if the five day forecast was Monday: asteroids. Tuesday: nuclear destruction?

Day Eight, Literal Interpretations!
Pick five compound words and create 5 images that depict literal interpretations.What would a fly look like if it were on fire? Firefly. What would the moon look like if it were made of honey? Honeymoon.



Day Nine, What’s in the Bad Mail?
There’s a bumpy package on the doorstep with a lion’s tail hanging out the back. There’s something very wrong with that envelope. We just got a letter, the worst letter you can possibly imagine. Show us the bad mail!



Day Ten, An Inanimate Object Brought to Life!
Used your photo manipulation skills to bring an inanimate object to life like a tree or a fork.

Day Eleven, Turn a Pop Icon into a Sculpture! 
Pop icons range from toys like Barbie to singers like Ke$ha. McDonald’s French fries might even be considered a pop icon. Sculptures range from ancient ruins like Easter Island to modern day artists like Calder or Segal. Both the pop icon and the sculpture should be easily recognized by your audience.



Day Twelve,  A Holiday Mashup!!
Take any holiday between Thanksgiving and New Years and mash it up with a famous work of art. Make sure your audience can guess both the holiday theme and the famous work of art!


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