50 Objects Drawings: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: High School Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Shape and Color

Art Skills: Drawing, Composition

Art History: Pieter Bruegel

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan!
Click to Download Free Lesson Plan!

I use this lesson as a “break” from the realistic, precise graphite drawings we do to begin the semester. When I tell the students we are doing a simple, cartoony, colorful, easy drawing, the collective sighs of relief and smiles of joy are usually enough to get kids excited. This style of drawing takes the pressure off of kids, and they can cut loose and draw fun stuff that they love. The creative juices get flowing once they get started, and most of my kids say this is one of their favorite projects. If you must weave in some art history, innocuous Pieter Bruegel or creepy Hieronymus Bosch both make good connections.

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Here are a few more finished examples.

50 Objects Drawing

50 Objects Drawing

50 Objects Drawing

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4 years ago


  • gbogie

    For many reasons, I really like this idea.

  • Janel Coker

    I have done something very similar but also added an element that “moved through” the artwork. Ex. rope, chain, pearl necklace, etc. that wound around, in & out, under & over the other objects to create movement.