A Playful Portrait Pairing: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: 3-5 Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Shape and Form

Art Skills: Sketching, Sculpting, Using Technology

Art History: Marisol Escobar

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan
Click to Download Free Lesson Plan

I first came across a lesson like this while student teaching at the high school level. Inspired by the work of Marsiol Escobar, the high school students created cubed self-portraits out of wood. I’ve found that by using model magic, this lesson translates beautifully to the upper elementary or middle school level. The spectacular spin on a flat, two-dimensional self-portrait is made even more fun when students use the app Foldify to create a second version. If you don’t have access to iPads, you could easily create a blank template to create something similar using crayons or markers.

Here are a few more images from the process.

Students working with the Foldify App
Students working with the Foldify App


Our Finished Foldify Portraits
Our Finished Model Magic Portraits


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5 years ago