Altered Book Sculptures: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: High School Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Form

Art Skills: Sculptural Techniques with Found Objects and Alternate Media

Art History: Artists Susan Sironi, Brian Dettmer, and Lisa Kokin

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Click for free lesson plan download!
Click for free lesson plan download!


Altered book projects show up in many high school classes, whether students are modifying with drawing or painting or turning the books into sculptures. This lesson takes the concept to another level by incorporating found objects.
Using pages to make three-dimensional forms adds extra depth and interest to the sculptures.


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3 years ago


  • Lisa VPC

    Fabulous. Could you identify who the “we” are who conceptualized, wrote and organized the pillars for reference? Thanks!!!

    • Good question Lisa – the 13 Pillars document was a collaboration by many members of the AOE team. The project was led by our Content Director, Tracy Hare!

  • Colette Bachand

    As a student teacher, I have been deeply searching for anything that will give me a concrete list of what is expected from me as an art teacher. You have given me this long-desired tool. I almost want to cry with happiness. Thank you for delivering an answer

    • :) You’re so welcome Colette! Very glad you found it useful, and I hope the new website (coming early-mid February) will prove to be similarly useful to you in your career as an art educator!