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Artist Treehouse: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: Middle School Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Line, Shape, Color

Art Skills: Design, Architecture, Drawing, Painting

Art History: Famous Artists

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artist treehouse
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I love teaching perspective to my middle school students. Their concrete thinking minds do great following the rules of perspective while their creative minds are full of awesome ideas. This project uses perspective, allows students to explore art history and introduces them to the job of an architect.

To start the lesson we discuss how an architect designed our school building. We talk about how the architect had to “sell” the school board on his or her design. I then tell them that they are going to have the job of being architects and that their clients are famous artists.

After researching their artist clients, the students design treehouses designed specifically for them. It is fun to wrap up the lesson with each “architect” presenting his or her design to the class and each “artist” choosing his or her favorite treehouse design.

To extend this lesson, you could have your students build the 3D versions of their drawings!

Check out a few more finished examples below! Can you guess the clients?







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5 years ago