Artists Know How to Be Safe: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: K-2 Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Various

Art Skills: Care of Materials, Art Room Safety

Making Connections: Language Arts, Participating in collaborative conversations

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Click to download free lesson plan!
Click to download free lesson plan!

Being safe in any art room is important, but for TAB classrooms it’s essential to make sure students know how to make smart choices with materials and procedures. This TAB lesson teaches kids how to think in terms of safety when making artistic decisions. Not only that, but just look at all of these standards it connects to!

Kindergarten, VA:Cr2.2.Ka: Identify safe and non-toxic art materials, tools, and equipment.
First, VA:Cr2.2.1a: Demonstrate safe and proper procedures for using materials, tools, and equipment while making art.
Second, VA:Cr2.2.2a: Demonstrate safe procedures for using and cleaning art tools, equipment, and studio spaces.

Next time you talk safety in your room, give this method a try!


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3 years ago