Artists Make Choices: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: K-2 Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Various

Art Skills: Understanding Process, Making and Articulating Artistic Choices

Making Connections: Language Arts, Vocabulary

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Click for free lesson plan download!
Click for free lesson plan download!


This lesson really showcases the power of TAB to create deep learning that students can articulate. Your students will love taking part in conversations about what they’re doing as they go through the creative process. These conversations will give you insight into what they know and can independently apply when making art. This lesson also directly relates to Anchor Standard 3: “Refine and complete artistic work.”

If you’d like to assess this lesson, download the accompanying rubric below!


Click to download free rubric!
Click to download free rubric!

Always give students multiple opportunities to achieve. If they are at a one or a two this week, model what a correct answer would look like, and then ask them again later.

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3 years ago