Baby Powder Street Art: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: MS/HS Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Positive/Negative Space, Repetition, Shape

Art Skills: Design, Pattern


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Baby Powder Street Art
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The one lesson plan this year that received the most hits on our school’s website and the most pins on Pinterest was our baby powder stencil project. It was fun, easy and to my administration’s elation, temporary! Find out how you can quickly incorporate a street art lesson that won’t elicit a response from the police!

stencil1 copy

Here are some more hints to help this lesson go smoothly:

  • When  making the stencil, a helpful tip is to have students shade in the areas they will be cutting out. This makes the cutting go much smoother since it sometimes becomes difficult to differentiate between the two areas if it is not shaded in.
  • Cutting takes the longest amount of time, especially if the student has a complicated stencil. We use x-acto blades to cut out our stencils however, scissors can work too. Make sure students use a cutting board to protect your tables.

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  • Rina_k6art

    Love! This would be a great interactive for our annual art show. We could use ready-made stencils from the school die-cut machine.

  • This is so cool. I can definitely envision tweaking it for my elementary kids!

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  • Remy

    I am unable to download the lesson plan.