Bean Mosaics: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: 3-5 Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Line and Shape

Art Skills: Design, Composition

Art History: Mosaics, Ancient Greece

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan!
Click to Download Free Lesson Plan!

This lesson is designed to give students an introduction to the concept of mosaics, along with exposure to new materials.  Students get very excited to use beans as the pieces of the mosaic, and it sure beats the traditional “paper mosaics” that our younger students are so accustomed to. The cost of large bags of dry beans is relativity inexpensive, too, which is a perk. You can use this lesson with students as young as 1st grade, and make it more complex with older students. Be sure to use small pieces of cardboard or you will find yourself going back to the store for more beans.

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4 years ago