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Clay Chess Set: Free Lesson Plan Download

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Chess is a game that is well-known and popular worldwide. This project asks students to create a functional chess set out of clay. The task is an excellent project to assign throughout an entire ceramics course or could also be assigned as a group project. Students experience a sense of accomplishment when they can actually sit down and enjoy a game with something they created!

There are many connections you can make with this lesson. For example, students could gain inspiration from historical pieces like the Lewis Chessmen or contemporary artists like Laura Sturtz. You can also bring in the history of the game of chess and the many cultural connections to places like the Middle East, India, or China.

This Art Ed lesson plan is 100% FREE to download! Use it in your classroom and share it with your colleagues. For more free lessons like this one, visit our Lessons Page, and download them all!


3 years ago