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Collaborative Bowls: Free Lesson Plan Download

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This lesson provides a great exploration of functional ceramic pieces and collaboration. Rather than work on one large, singular piece of art, students work as a team to create their own pieces that function as a set. Within their groups, students are asked to make a variety of decisions in order to craft a final set of functional vessels. Students are faced with plenty of challenges in terms of aesthetics that will require effective communication. This lesson offers a great experience for community building in the classroom!

If you’re looking for some artists to inspire your students for this project, Bernard Leach, Kate Maury, and Johnson Tsang are all great choices. In addition, the book 500 Bowls: Contemporary Explorations of a Timeless Design is a fantastic resource to have on hand.

This Art Ed lesson plan is 100% FREE to download! Use it in your classroom and share it with your colleagues. For more free lessons like this one, visit our Lessons Page, and download them all!

3 years ago