Creating Shadow Art: Free Lesson Plan Download

Grade Level: HS Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Positive/Negative Space, Shape

Art Skills: Collaboration, Photography

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan
Click to Download Free Lesson Plan

If you’ve never seen the shadow art of Tim Noble and Sue Webster you’re missing out. These artists literally shine light onto piles of junk and produce shadow images of people. You can check out their website here but keep in mind, there are a few inappropriate words and images.

Meanwhile, if you are like me (and most art teachers) you already have a box of junk in your classroom. A box of junk can serve so many purposes. Everything from having students create Rube Goldberg contraptions to recycled art projects. However, after viewing Tim and Sue’s work, you’ll know exactly what you’ll want to do with that junk… Have your students create shadow art.

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6 years ago



    GREAT PROJECT!!!! Love them and I have shown their work to my students (though I often have to crop it!) when we are using recycled materials for art. I think it would be fun to show students Chinese Malaysian etc. etc. shadow puppets as well for more art history connections. I’m thinking Tim and Sue might have been inspired by shadow puppetry.

    LOVE your voice on AOE! So much fun to read your ideas. When I read your ideas I’m sure we are birds of a feather;) Just finished “trash” fashion week the art room today. Wearable art made from “trash.”