Drawing the Line: Free HS Lesson Plan Download

Level: High School Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Line

Art Skills: Drawing

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan

Here is the original image that was used for this particular drawing activity. Be sure students find a very simple object so the line types become the star of the show once they draw in the grid.

Lesson Plan GRID Drawing Apple copy

Varied applications for this lesson:

  • With new vocabulary, using the grid helps students visually organize information; not to mention it looks cool.
  • Apply the grid model to learning the elements and principles of design, media exploration or art history.
  • Use the grid for formative assessments in drawing. Every month complete a drawing in one box. Outline drawing with black marker and date.

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6 years ago


  • Jim

    Thank god!!! The material her was nice but a little frustrating when trying to connect to a secondary level. Thank you guys so much.

    • I hope the resources help you in your classroom! Thanks for your feedback.

  • Beth

    This is similar to a project I had to do in a college art class. We had to find 100 different ways to draw an apple. Each one had to be distinctly different. Being grade school, you could cut the number in half or less.