Fantasy “Bark” Paintings: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: Middle School Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Space, Color

Art Skills: Drawing, Painting

Making Connections: Mexican Amate Painting

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Click to download free lesson plan!
Click to download free lesson plan!

Explore the tradition of Mexican Amate bark painting as students create their own fantasy landscape paintings. Using fluorescent colors will provide students the capability to create intense contrast as well as provide increased motivation through a well-liked medium. Try crumpling (and then ironing) the paper before painting to create a bark-like texture.


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4 years ago


  • Jessica Bonilla

    I love doing this lesson in elementary (usually with third grade) during Hispanic heritage month. However, the content as to be traditional of an amate bark painting which is a whimsical depiction of nature ( flowers, trees), birds ( like peacocks) and forest animals. If don’t have brown craft paper use recycled brown bags!