Fantasy Creature Prints

Level: MS Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Pattern and Color

Art Skills: Drawing, Printmaking

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Click to Download Free Lesson Plan

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My middle school students are constantly talking about playing video games. It seems to be the topic of conversation in my classroom. I created this lesson to incorporate their passion for playing video games with printmaking. Students design their own fantasy creature using yarn on cardboard. They print using tempera paint. Then they add color to their prints with watercolor paint. Finally they add lines and pattern with oil pastels. These fantasy creatures are the talk of the school!
Literacy connection: have students write a short story about their fantasy creature.

Option: Teach students about warm and cool colors. Students will create a warm and cool colored print.  Have students use warm colored oil pastels on the warm colored print and use cool colored oil pastels on the cool colored print. (Or vice versa, warm oil pastels on the cool print.)

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6 years ago