Artist Trading Cards: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: Middle School Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Shape, Line, Color

Art Skills: Collage, Drawing, Painting

Art History: Hannah Höch, Matisse, or other collage artist

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Click to download free lesson plan!
Click to download free lesson plan!

Artist Trading Gards (ATCs) are a fun way to begin or end the school year or semester. They’re also great for those times you don’t want to start a big new project, like around holiday breaks. The beauty of this project is that students can have a lot of freedom. Whatever imagery students choose, make sure they start with some sort of unifying background image or texture. Working on a small scale, it’s tricky to go back in to add a background later. In addition, although you can use high-quality glue sticks, like Uhu, rubber cement is the way to go. Students can easily clean up the inevitable “squish” around collage pieces, and it never warps or wrinkles like glue.

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4 years ago