Funky Chickens: Free Lesson Plan Download

Level: 3-5 Art Education Lesson Plan

Art Elements: Line, Shape, Color

Art Skills: Drawing, Coloring, Digital Design

Art History: Folk Art

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Technology in the art room is a really hot topic. Classrooms are filling up with mind-blowing hardware and devices, apps and websites are getting better, and the products they can create are getting more sophisticated. So, what do we want our students to learn from this 21st century media? It is the perfect opportunity to dig into our art history! This lesson asks students to discuss and experience making very traditional and very high-tech art then compare and contrast the two. These activities constitute a well-rounded unit that directs students to create art, think about it critically, and then reflect on their experience. Perc-a-doodle-doo!

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5 years ago


  • Lisa

    Even though I have raised money through Artsonia, I’m not allowed to buy an iPad for my classroom! LOVE this lesson though!

    • Interesting. I’d love to hear the reasoning behind that. Check out Let’s brainstorm some solutions!

      • Lisa

        It’s not the principal… it’s the Director of Technology. Special Ed can get them for their students, but this is what I was told:

        “We have taken these steps due to the fact that the iPad/iPod is still designed and sold as a commercial device. Apple has never developed a good way to manage the device on a large scale that wasn’t flawed in some way and limited in what we can do to make sure the device is secure and can manage without having to touch each device. Managing single device Apps has also proven to be problematic.”
        I am working on writing up a plan and having a meeting with my principal about it. I would use it all the time! I already use my personal iPhone to photograph for Artsonia. Would love to not have to do that!

        • Wow! Interesting reasoning. I’m glad you are working on a plan. Tablets of any kind are a really valuable tool in the art classroom. Keep us updated on your progress!